At Drinkwater Travel, we love seeing people happy and in love! And we’ve got the trips and expertise that can make that all come to life in the most gorgeous, hassle-free, and exciting ways.

We specialize in Romance Travel, Golf Trips, and Scuba Trips (and they all work together surprisingly well!)

Bride and groom on the beach. Tropical wedding

Romance Travel encompasses anything that lights the spark of romance or keeps it glowing. It includes the well-known options of destination weddings and honeymoons, of course — which we love. But it also can be for surprise proposals, intimate second marriages with blended families, anniversary celebrations, or that much-needed couple time away from the chaos of everyday work and life to rekindle that flame.

A big part of what makes a vacation romantic is that it is completely free of anxiety and stress. And that’s the beauty of having a travel expert a phone call away. We take care of every last tiny detail, so all you have to do is sit back, soak in the sunshine (or the peaceful moonlight), and remember why you fell in love.

coral reef with girl diver at the bottom of tropical sea

Scuba Diving Trips with individuals or a group of friends at all-inclusive resorts can really be the adventure of a lifetime! These excursions are also a wonderful way to add activity and a true sense of wonder to your romantic vacation.

On our vacations, everything is included, even the diving trips. Discover the Caribbean in a way you never expected. You’ll get to experience a whole new magical world just below the surface — with colors, light, intricate coral, and amazing sea life that will take your breath away. Whether you’re new to diving or a certified diver, we have the resort just for you. For those who long to explore the undersea, it will be a journey of discovery!

Stunning view of a coastal golf course

Whether you just want a round a fun with friends or you’re a higher-level player who wants to participate in a Caribbean Golf Tournament, we can make that happen at our all-inclusive resorts. This is a fantastic add-on for wedding or anniversary trips with loved ones.

You’ll golf through the seaside dunes and stunning tropical courses — truly, it’s golf like you’ve never experienced it before. And you can relax afterwards in a luxurious clubhouse, enjoy a meal, or head right down to the beach for a laid back happy hour. We handle everything to a “tee” for every skill level, and any way you “slice” it, you’ll have an amazing trip. (All golf puns come included free of charge with every travel package!)

We know you’ve been dreaming for so long about this vacation — and we have everything it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. Let’s start planning together. Just click here now!

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What People Are Saying:


Planning a honeymoon can be scary. This is the first trip my husband and I planned together so we decided to seek help.
Mrs. Janet was very helpful when it came to all of our questions! She was able to get us a trip of a lifetime in our price range. The trip to Sandals in Bahamas fulfilled Brennan and I’s expectation and we plan to go back in the future. If anyone is unsure about what to do I HIGHLY suggest giving Mrs. Janet a call. She is always available to help and willing to meet at a place and time that is convenient for you! We will defiantly be booking with her again!
-Maci & Brennan L.


My husband and I had been engaged just 3 days and we were already arguing over what kind of alcohol we were going to serve at our wedding, and if we needed a limo to get to the venue or not. That's when I decided to look into a destination wedding. I had previously seen a friends Facebook photo album and the images were just so beautiful, I wanted to see what that was all about. I knew my husband would never go for it, so I had to make my first mention of this to him something that he could be amazed over, so I started searching. Sandals seemed like it was the best of the best so I printed pictures laid it out in front of him just a few nights later. I explained how awesome it would be to have a stress free wedding. We already knew his parents wouldn't fly and my mom was single so she wouldn't be able to join us at a resort. After he looked at the pictures and heard everything I had to say, he agreed to it. I don't exactly remember how I got introduced to Ms. Janet but I knew she was a Sandals travel agent so I wanted to talk to her about the different resorts. She had stayed at many so she told us little details about her experience at each one. With her help we decided on Sandals Montego Bay. We are still bragging on this being the best decision ever! We got married on a Tuesday at 4:30 in the afternoon; all we had to do was show up. We were alone so we had no wedding party to stress us out, and we actually went snorkeling just an hour before the wedding. I could go on and on about how awesome this trip was but, I can't speak highly enough about this resort or the Travel Agent (Janet) that got us there. We would recommend her and Sandals Resorts to anyone. Can't wait to go back! Hope to even visit Beaches one day with our son.
-Samantha & Hank M.


Janet did a wonderful job planning our honeymoon! She helped us choose a resort that fit all of our qualifications and our budget. Janet helped us set up a website where family and friends could contribute towards our trip. We did not have to worry about a thing! She gave us a packet with all our travel information and explained everything thoroughly. It made travel stress free and enjoyable. Janet definitely will be planning all our future trips!!!
- AJ & Ashley